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Take your shoes out for a stroll all the way to the back of your door.  With this Over-The-Door 24-Pocket Organizer, all your footwear finds a place, liberating your floors and ending the last minute quest for the missing shoe.  Slip gloves, scarves, belts, and more into some of the 24 clear, environmentally friendly PET pockets, and turn the back of your door into a full accessory station.  The 4 over-the-door hooks hold this lightweight organizer securely to the back of the door.  No worries, the soft, PET-Cotton blend fabric won’t scratch or scuff the finish on your door or shoes.  Find what your looking for simply (and economically) where you always knew you would—behind door number one!


Height:  152.4cm

Width:  55.8cm

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